Six reasons why life science companies are choosing Polaris’ HCP Interaction Portal (HIP)

By Rob Shropshire

Global life science companies face several challenges managing, monitoring and accurately reporting their HCP engagements. Inefficient and manual processes, data quality issues and regulatory and compliance risks are among the most prevalent issues.

Polaris’ exclusive HCP Interaction Portal (HIP) is a robust and flexible solution designed to allow life science companies to globally integrate and automate processes for managing business need assessments, HCP contracts and payments.

HIP allows users to automate and manage:

1) Planning & budgeting – including business need assessment for individual programs

2) Event planning – incorporating venue management, detailed budget planning and attendee     communications including e-invitations

3) HCP selection and Fair Market Value calculation

4) HCP contracting for master service agreements and individual statements of work

5) Post event close out including evidence of services performed and HCP payment tracking

6) Direct integration with your Aggregate Spend, Accounts Payable, or CRM systems.

Polaris is unique in the fact that it is the only company in the world that specializes exclusively in consulting and technology solutions for life sciences healthcare law compliance. The company is at the forefront of the industry in terms of delivering insights and defining technology standards through innovation.

For more information or a demonstration of how Polaris’ HCP Interaction Portal (HIP) can help you solve your compliance challenges, please click here.