Spend Tracking Analytics and Reporting

A total disclosure and transparency solution capturing, collecting, integrating and reporting global spend.

Where you have aggregate spend challenges, Polaris has answers for capture, collection, reporting, aggregation, and support. Changing guidelines, regulations and business priorities often force compliance officers to perform a tricky balancing act of competing interests. The best way to address ever-present change is to employ foresight and strategic planning to your best advantage. Polaris offers compliance solutions that strike a balance and reduce cost and risk in the process.

The Polaris Spend Tracking Analytics and Reporting (STAR) System provides a solution for meeting all global aggregate spend and transparency requirements. STAR provides MDM strategy and implementation for detailed and accurate reporting. Collecting data from both automated and manual sources, STAR allows for spend capture monitoring and features rich ad hoc reporting. The sources can be collected using multiple third-party interfaces, spreadsheet uploads, and data entry.

Integrated spend capture

  • Integration of non-Polaris captured spend
  • Accounts Payable (SAP/Oracle/JDE)
  • Meeting Logistics, and third party vendors and partners
  • Clinical Research Organizations

Customer Master Integration

  • Enterprise source of validated HCP/O profiles and unique identifiers
  • Match/merge capabilities to avoid duplication

STAR workflow based capture

  • Robust, customizable processes for capture, approval and payment
  • Consulting arrangements
  • Speaker arrangements
  • Investigator initiated studies / Clinical trials
  • CME / Charitable / Sponsorships / Exhibits

Reporting, disclosure feedback, monitoring and alerts

  • Configurable reporting rules engine, substantially reducing cost to maintain and operate
  • Solutions for all global transparency reporting requirements
    • US Sunshine / Open Payments Reporting
    • EFPIA Transparency Reporting
    • French Sunshine / Bertrand Reporting
    • Dutch Registry Reporting
    • Portugal Infarmed Reporting
    • US State Limit Reporting (DC, MA, VT, MN, CA, CT)
  • Automatic updates to required reports when reporting requirements change
  • All spend consolidated to unique HCP/O profiles
  • Compliance reports to validate and submit for disclosure — validation of data entry
  • Ad hoc, user generated capabilities to slice and dice aggregate spend data attributes for additional reporting purposes available at no extra cost
  • Pre-defined dashboards and snapshots of HCO/P spend
  • Alerts to monitor spend caps and thresholds

Star screen capture_25Jul16


Polaris offers an online Self-Service Portal as an extension to STAR that allows the HCP to log in and perform many actions. Polaris’ Self-Service Portal is:

    • An on-line, self-service portal providing HCPs and HCOs access to the HIP and STAR modules of Polaris’ Global Compliance Platform (GCP)
    • An add-on portal with multiple modules providing end-to-end interactions and collaboration on transparency validation, HCP contracts and HCP/HCO profile management
    • Able to provide secure validation of self-service user access to valid HCP and HCO records

STAR Self-Service Capabilities

    • Profile Management – Ability for HCPs to view and update key attributes of their profile (ex. Email address, consent, etc.) including document upload (ex. Consent declaration, tax documents, etc.)
      • Ability to configure which attributes of a profile are visible to the HCP and which of those can be updated or are read-only
    • Pre-Disclosure – Ability to provide HCPs and HCOs access to spend data for transparency prior to official disclosure
      • Data is provided to HCPs un-aggregated and without for thresholds applied to allow for detailed review and review and validation
  • Dispute Management – Developed as an extension to Pre-Disclosure, the Dispute Management module provides HCPs and HCOs the ability to dispute spend which has been associated to their profile
    • Ability to create a dispute ticket for individual line items and/or entire participation in an activity or event
    • Configurable dispute rules, reasons which interfaces with a corresponding dispute module in STAR
    • Provides visibility into the dispute review and resolution process by providing status updates, notifications and comments as internal resource review and respond to disputes