Request Management System

A comprehensive, efficient, flexible solution to manage global compliance-sensitive funding requests.

Polaris’ Request Management System (RMS) effectively manages the external grant request submission and approval process for multiple activity types in an ever-shifting regulatory environment. RMS allows organizations to easily track and report on a variety of request activities, providing requestors, approvers, and administrators full visibility into the grant processing lifecycle. RMS tracks the entire workflow of a grant request including registration, request submission, review and approval, contracting (electronic LOA) and payment, outcomes and financial reconciliation, and custom reporting.

Request Types Facilitated by RMS:

  • Accredited & Non-Accredited Medical Education Grants
  • Charitable Contributions, Donations and Sponsorships
  • Corporate Memberships
  • Community Partnerships and Fellowships
  • Patient Advocacy and Education

Click below for a video overview of RMS: