Merger and Acquisition Compliance

Polaris supports clients on both sides of a merger and acquisition (“M&A”) deal.

From the buyer’s perspective, we provide a rapid assessment of the target’s compliance program that focuses on how the foundational components have been established, while also assessing how the program governs the current business activities that are most susceptible to compliance risk. The assessment results in an evaluation of the target, as well as an integration strategy for the acquirer. The strategy will include change management support for where synergies can be realized, and recommended remediation steps to fill any gaps or strengthen any weaknesses.

From the seller’s perspective, we assist our clients in developing and implementing a credible “right-sized” compliance program structure that demonstrates the organization’s commitment to compliance while scaling it to be both effective and affordable. We also support our clients in supporting compliance-related due diligence activities of the buyer

For acquirers:

  • Rapid due diligence compliance assessment
  • Compliance program integration strategy with change management considerations
  • Recommended remediation steps, if necessary, to credibly fill any gaps or strengthen any weaknesses post-acquisition

For sellers:

  • Customized compliance program
  • Due diligence support