Healthcare Provider Interaction Portal

Polaris’ Healthcare Provider Interaction Portal (HIP) provides functionality to manage the entire HCP contracting lifecycle.

Polaris HIP allows life science companies to globally integrate and automate processes for managing HCP contracts and payments in a single, web-based platform. The portal facilitates domestic and international request types, such as consulting arrangements, advisory boards, speaker programs and research agreements. The portal:

    • Maintains and provides a single source for all customer information and history
    • Automates business planning, compliance and legal review processes for all HCP contracts and payments
    • Mitigates compliance risks related to global anti-corruption/ anti-bribery concerns for study sites and investigators
    • Integrates with existing IT infrastructure
    • Facilitates global aggregate spend reporting

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HIP easily integrates with existing compliance and corporate IT infrastructure, providing easy access to customer master, vendor record, purchase order, and invoicing data. Data can be leveraged across the organization for enhanced visibility (detailed data analytics, spend cap tracking, operational performance), both at the program and individual HCP levels.


  • Annual planning, budgeting, and needs assessments
  • Global Fair Market Value for various types of HCP Engagements
  • HCP Background and debarment screening
  • HCP data visibility, interactive search, and nomination
  • HCP validation and online contracting
  • Configurable review and approval workflows
  • Activity spend capture
  • Activity logistics and payment reconciliations
  • Declaration of consent management
  • Extensive reporting and audit trail
  • Event attendee management
  • Pre- and post-event notifications and reports


Polaris offers an online Self-Service Portal as an extension to HIP that allows the HCP to log in and perform many actions. Polaris’ Self-Service Portal is:

    • An on-line, self-service portal providing HCPs and HCOs access to the HIP and STAR modules of Polaris’ Global Compliance Platform (GCP)
    • An add-on portal with multiple modules providing end-to-end interactions and collaboration on transparency validation, HCP contracts and HCP/HCO profile management
    • Able to provide secure validation of self-service user access to valid HCP and HCO records

HIP Self-Service Capabilities

    • HIP Self-Service Portal is an HCP-facing portal that extends access to HIP to HCPs, providing them with access to manage various steps in an HCP engagement workflow, including:
      • Activity Management – Ability to view planned & scheduled activities and provide required updates & documents prior to contracting
      • Contract Management – Ability for HCPs to review proposed contracts (MSAs & SOWs), provide comments & feedback and ultimately sign and execute contracts
        • Optional DocuSign integration providing e-signature capabilities
      • Payment Management – Ability for HCPs to request payment for services performed and / or expenses incurred.
        • Ability to detail line items for payment
        • Ability to upload invoices and expense receipts
        • Ability to submit payment requests for internal review and processing
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