HCP Management Portal

Polaris’ HCP Management Portal is a series of modules used to enrich the data associated with HCPs that is vital for selection and contracting yet not commonly stored in a Customer Master or other CRM applications.

Each of these additional modules can be used as a standalone tool, or can be integrated with a full HIP system to provide more comprehensive information about the specialists used within the organization. The HCP Management Portal can be configured to meet the individual methodologies used by clients, or Polaris can implement our predefined established scoring and fair market value methodologies.

The HCP Management Portal is often implemented in conjunction with Polaris’ HCP Contracting Lifecycle Outsourcing services to provide clients a full service offering for HCP Data Management.

The modules in the HCP Management Portal are:

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Tiering Module

  • Provides a standardized process for the lookup of KOL tiers or submission and storage of documents to perform Key Opinion Leader assessments
  • Ensures a consistent process, based around best practices, to ensure equal evaluation of KOL tiers

Fair Market Value (FMV) Rate Calculation Module

  • Allows for FMV Rate lookup or calculation with online FMV calculator
  • Provides enterprise-wide access FMV rate cards
  • Introduces workflows for rate approval and establishes business rules for auditable exclusions to FMV ranges.

HCP Background Screening Module

  • Performs due diligence and screening of HCP against exclusion lists, sanctions, and medical malpractice
  • Integrates with 3rd Party Background Screening providers to quickly trigger requests for individual checks
  • Stores Background Screening results in a central location for easy lookup