KOL and FMV Services

Polaris specializes in the HCP Contracting Lifecycle, with subject matter expertise in designing, managing and executing the HCP Engagement Process.

Polaris’ HCP Interaction Portal (HIP) offers automation of the entire lifecycle and is further complemented by a series of additional modules and services to enhance the HCP selection and contracting process. Each of these additional modules can be used as a standalone offering, or can be integrated with a full HIP system to provide a more robust end-to-end process.

Polaris’ HCP Interaction Portal (HIP) offers automation of the entire HCP contracting lifecycle, from Planning and Budgeting through Payments.

These new modules offer online evaluation and management of:

  • KOL Tiering, including tailored methodology design
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) Rate Calculation, aided by an online calculator with custom algorithms
  • HCP & HCO Background Screening Services

KOL Tiering

Polaris has developed a proven, consistent methodology to provide scoring services which complete the KOL evaluation process and let our client focus on the business. Our approach is built on three pillars: objectivity, flexibility, and simplicity. By tailoring our established scoring methodology to your business needs, Polaris can collect, tier, and store HCP KOL levels and related data.

Fair Market Value Rate Calculation:

Our automated KOL module integrates well with Polaris’ HIP solution, yet is extensive enough to serve as a standalone system. Our approach is based on a proven methodology, combined with a robust process for collecting, scoring, storing and communicating with the requestors. Polaris’ solution provides:

  • Privacy controls
  • Single point of contact
  • Training of requestors
  • Data reporting and retrieval

HCP & HCO Background Screening Services:

Polaris’ Background Screening portal performs comprehensive HCP/O checks, ensuring that HCP/Os are suitable for contracting. Our Managed Services experts verify HCP/O data against Polaris’ Global Exclusion and Debarment Database, conduct state license checks, and work with established data providers to conduct criminal background screenings. As an added level of verification, Polaris’ experts can provide insight into returned sanctions.