Grants Management Services

Polaris specializes in the lifecycle of a grant request with multiple activity types; specifically around the request submission, approval and reconciliation processes. These processes are automated through our GMS platform and can be managed by Polaris’ Managed Services experts.

Grants Coordination

Polaris’ Managed Services experts manage the complete grants request lifecycle, from submission through reconciliation. Our Coordinators ensure that grants submitted for review are complete and accurate, and are trained to manage each stage of the request review process. Polaris’ experts act as the main point of contact for our clients and their grant requestors, and ensure that submissions are acted upon in a timely, efficient, and compliant manner.

Polaris helps life science companies centrally and electronically accept, review and approve requests to fund medical education grants as well as patient education, sponsorships, fellowships and charitable contributions.

Payment Processing

To further complement the role of the Grants Coordinator, Polaris offers payment processing services. Our experts coordinate with a global banking partner, manage bank accounts, and disburse all funds on behalf of the client. Our years of experience make us well-equipped to ensure the safety and security of client’s funds, including advanced security and fraud protection.