IQVIA eConsent – Digital Consent Collection and Management

IQVIA eConsent is a flexible, user-friendly and GDPR compliant solution that allows you to formalize signatures on digital documents and consent forms, send signed copies, align processes and meet global legal requirements.

A user-friendly web platform that is safe, convenient and GDPR compliant

IQVIA eConsent  allows you to formalize the signatures of digital documents and consent forms necessary for proper business management, to send signed document copies to all involved parties, and to update the various systems that are used to give, revoke, store and maintain consent. The various uses of IQVIA eConsent include:

Finding the ideal solution to align internal processes to meet the legal requirements set by the data protection agency is not always a simple task. On a daily basis, Life Sciences companies need to manage regulations such as the Directive 95/46/CE for transparency in transfers of value, or the new EU GDPR regulation coming into force May 25th, 2018. This obliges you to handle a wider selection of documents, consent requests and other authorizations, as well as the huge efforts involved in gathering and storing the consent as well as managing it in the most adequate way.

An application that can capture digital signatures has to be capable of demonstrating that the signing of the document was done on the specific date and time of the visible signature. This is where the two-factor authentication security measures implemented in IQVIA eConsent really add value. It confirms that the user is who they claim to be, combining two different components. It’s the most extensively used method to access, for example, email accounts. We invite the user to voluntarily activate this additional layer of protection.

IQVIA eConsent Management Optimization


Key Features That Add Value for Life Sciences Professionals

  • OneKey Web authentification
  • Direct login of HCP using OWA or a specific dedicated link
  • IQVIA eConsent shares the HCP profile. This ensures the HCP user experience is simpler. The key data is managed in the system with HCP consent.
  • Advanced validation technology to ensure HCP authentication
  • A sales rep or MSL can assist the HCP with the signing process employing the “on behalf of” functionality
  • Ad-hoc documents can be crafted to fit customer needs for both universal consent, which covers data privacy policy as well as transactional consents, using static or interactive templates
  • All signed documents copied to the legal/compliance departments
  • Multi-language/Multi-country Language packs available: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German,  Polish, Portuguese, Dutch and Czech. . Other language packs available upon request.

GDPR Compliant

On May 25th, 2018, the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect. The regulation provides additional rights for individuals with respect to data privacy, including that personal data can only be stored if consent is given.

For organizations, the implication – among others – is that they will need to provide the ability to store and manage the consent for the use of personal data. This includes the ability to allow individuals to withdraw their consent at any time.

Additional to storage and use of personal data, consent is also needed for compliance/transparency reasons: providing consent from HCPs to publish individual transparency information (at personal or at individual transaction level).

The management of consent introduces complexities for organizations, including how to organize the operational processes for ensuring full compliance with data privacy and compliance regulations in an effective and efficient manner.

Confidence and Peace-of-Mind

IQVIA eConsent is aligned with the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) processes set by European Payments Council (EPC) by using a code sent to the mobile device of the signatory.

All IQVIA eConsent documents are signed with a digital certificate that guarantees it has not been altered. The final documents can be generated in a PDF format which also guarantees the long-term compatibility of electronic documents.

All IQVIA eConsent modules can be adapted to the needs of each client, with the single objective of simplifying the process of obtaining consent.

Download the IQVIA eConsent Fact Sheet or contact Geert van Gansewinkel for more information.

As experts in Compliance solutions, databases, CRM and legal processes,  Polaris and IQVIA created IQVIA eConsent, an innovative solution that simplifies obtaining consent, as well as managing the general administration of the documents.