Compliance Office(r) Services

The challenge of finding the right resources to support compliance programs has become more acute, especially for specialty pharma and biotech organizations. The demands of the compliance officer role have evolved with enforcement actions and associated risks going up. This has driven demand for talent up, in turn driving available supply of quality candidates down, and causing costs of qualified, experienced talent to go up. This is especially challenging for specialty pharma and biotech organizations that are preparing to launch a product, have tight budgets but have high regulatory scrutiny and risk.

Polaris has recognized this challenge and offers our clients with these circumstances a credible and effective outsourcing option that provides a thoughtful, intelligent interim outsourced solution that appropriately balances the need for speed, scale, flexibility, efficiency and credible effectiveness. Our model consists of a compliance team comprised of highly credible and experienced former Chief Compliance Officers, deputy compliance officers and other compliance professionals that have focused on commercial and clinical compliance issues.

As clients seek to access the necessary talent to staff their compliance programs, Polaris offers the following partnering opportunities:

  • Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer
  • Outsourced Deputy Compliance Officer
  • Outsourced or Co-Sourced Compliance Auditing & Monitoring
  • Outsourced or Co-Sourced Global Transparency and Aggregate Spend Reporting
  • Outsourced Compliance Office