Aggregate Spend and Transparency

With the changing and evolving regulatory environment, it is critical that Life Sciences assess payments across the organization and develop a tactical roadmap to address aggregate spend needs. Polaris works with our clients to perform these spend assessments, and then can implement a solution that meets each organization’s unique needs.

Simplify Transparency and Disclosure Reporting of Global Spend on Healthcare Professionals and Organizations

Our Aggregate Spend and Transparency practice:

  • Reviews and assesses existing policies and SOPs
  • Conducts interviews to gain understanding of process and spend items
  • Compares currently captured spend to industry benchmarks and state/federal law requirements
  • Identifies gaps in reporting, process and system technology
  • Prepares actionable roadmaps of findings, outlining short-, mid- and long-term solutions and implementations
  • Develops processes to track and report spend
Aggregate Spend and Transparency