Regulatory Monitoring Portal

A convenient online resource that provides comprehensive transparency requirements for over 40 countries

The portal is an innovative centralized web-based repository of current global transparency law and regulation information with relevant spend and FMV guidelines.

One of the biggest challenges life sciences companies face is staying up-to-date on transparency laws and regulations in countries in which they do business. To date, over 40 countries have legislation and myriad professional organizations have implemented organizational codes of practice. For instance, the United States has federal and state reporting requirements.

Polaris developed the Regulatory Monitoring Portal to provide pharmaceutical and medical device companies a single online tool that outlines each specific requirement, is easy-to-use, available 24/7 and updated when regulations change.

The goal is to help companies efficiently stay up-to-date on changes and developments, understand and adhere to the requirements, while also helping them to develop robust and sustainable regulatory programs and minimize risk.

Two versions of the tool are available. The free version delivers a high-level overview of current regulations in each country and state, while the subscription-based portal provides access to deeper knowledge, and allows users to ask compliance and regulatory experts questions and share best practices.

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