Polaris to Address Global Compliance Data Capture Challenges At CBI Global Transparency Congress

By Ben Carmel

Mounting International Mandates for Promotional Spend Transparency Create Readiness Issues for Many Life Sciences Overseas Operations

With increased calls by international and country-specific regulatory authorities for enhanced transparency from the life sciences sector into how marketing spend is allocated for promotional and educational activities involving healthcare providers, organizations and other entities, pharma and medical device company overseas operations may be experiencing heightened pressure to get their aggregate spend practices and systems ready. Unfortunately, many compliance departments may be focusing the lion’s share of resources on data collection and reporting but could pay the price for not spending enough time on how that data is captured globally.

Polaris Partner Marc Eigner will be addressing some of the key organizational change, technology and international legal challenges for life sciences companies to create healthcare entity spend programs and systems that support global transparency at CBI’s Global Transparency Congress being held April 8-9 at the Hilton London Paddington in London, U.K. Eigner will discuss an approach for how global operations and departments can shift their focus towards developing processes, strategies and technology frameworks that provide a clear view into the ways they engage healthcare providers and healthcare organizations. Eigner will be speaking at 16:45 GMT on Tuesday, April 8th.