Polaris sets new record for 2017 Sunshine Act submissions

04.03.18 | By Brendan Washburn

As Life Sciences companies worked to meet the March 31st reporting deadline for the Sunshine Act, all of Polaris’ west coast clients were focused on other business at hand. Why? Because each of their Sunshine Act submissions had been fully loaded and attested 10 days in advance of the March 31st deadline.

Many Life Sciences companies struggle to meet the March deadline, using cumbersome, manual and labor-intensive processes. Challenges include aggregating data from multiple sources, minimizing human error and accurate and timely reporting.

Polaris’ Spend, Tracking, Analytics and Reporting (STAR) tool is an end-to-end disclosure and transparency solution capturing, collecting, integrating and reporting global spend. It streamlines and automates the process while reducing costs and risk in the process. By leveraging STAR’s capabilities, Polaris’ experts have helped companies face the March 31st Sunshine Reporting deadline with confidence.

For a number of west coast STAR clients, Polaris’ team of experts is responsible for the complete reporting process, uploading the information into the CMS portal on their behalf.

The Polaris team assists clients by loading the data in STAR. Once all the data is loaded then the reporting process begins. There are several critical steps that must be taken, including:

  • Validating all data on reports
  • Sharing metrics with our client for their review
  • Assisting in sub-certification meetings.

After those key activities have been completed, Polaris’ representatives can go directly into the CMS portal as a Submitter to lead and remediate the data to resolve validation and matching errors detected by the CMS upload process.

Once any errors have been remediated, Polaris meets with our client to review the total numbers and metrics of what was loaded into the portal and what, if anything, had to be removed due to a lack of matching between the client’s data and CMS.

The final step is walking the client through the attestation process in the portal, then hitting the final attestation button. To complete the process, clients log in to the CMS portal twice, once to confirm registration for the year, and then to attest to all the data being loaded.

To learn more about STAR or how Polaris’ experts can work with you to make 2018 Sunshine Act reporting easy and efficient, contact us or visit our website.