Polaris opens Hong Kong office to provide solutions and guidance to life sciences companies in AsiaPac

By Michael Arbini

Polaris’ new Hong Kong office is the latest addition to the software and consulting firm’s global footprint, as markets show significant growth and demand for compliance solutions

Hong Kong – 13 Sept 2016 – Advancing standards of living, increasing population growth and the subsequent development of public healthcare programs are boosting spending on healthcare in the Asia-Pacific region.­­

“Rapid growth in population and rising healthcare costs combined with a worldwide trend toward stricter healthcare compliance and transparency regulations are fueling demand for our solutions” said Andy Bender, Polaris’ Founder and President.  Several AsiaPac nations are now addressing anti-bribery and anti-corruption concerns, then initiating investigations. Citing this trend, Polaris is expanding its global services and opening an office in the region.

Polaris is the world’s leading life science compliance software and consulting firm. Its new Hong Kong office will be dedicated to serving its existing clients’ anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance and transparency needs, as well as providing end-to-end technology solutions and expert guidance to a burgeoning number of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies in AsiaPac.

“The region boasts nearly 60% of the world’s population, as well as several thriving economies. However, there is a tremendous need for healthcare compliance and transparency guidance in these markets.  Our technology will not only efficiently address these compliance and transparency needs, but it will also make our clients more efficient and provide them with key strategic benefits,” said Bender.

Polaris develops innovative software platforms that simplify, streamline and automate processes to maximize efficiency and accuracy of compliance programs. Polaris’ Global Compliance Platform is an integrated offering of Polaris’ technology solutions, delivering complete workflow management, data capture and spend tracking and reporting of information related to all healthcare professional and organization payments and transfers of value.

Polaris’ Third Party Due Diligence Portal provides an integrated platform where organizations have the ability to complete thorough evaluations and screening activities for all external parties they do business with.

The consulting experts at Polaris work with companies to define and map compliant processes, share industry best practices, and establish and train on policies to ensure teams are acting in accordance with these organizational procedures. Consultants can also measure and prioritize compliance risks, using Polaris’ proprietary methodology.

In addition, Polaris has developed a Fair Market Value (FMV) methodology and rates for engaging with healthcare professionals in over 90 countries. The company offers an online tool to efficiently provide access to rates and fees for services, and manage the process.

“Several of our global clients asked us to open an office in AsiaPac in order to provide our compliance software, global industry insights and guidance to their businesses in the region,” Bender stated. “As the standard of living rapidly changes in that part of the world, life sciences companies are facing compliance challenges. Polaris offers best-in-class solutions that can scale globally, and provide a competitive advantage.”

Polaris’ Hong Kong office is the latest addition to the firm’s growing presence around the world, joining established offices in Amsterdam, Boston, New York, Paris and San Francisco.

About Polaris
Polaris is the world’s leading compliance software and consulting firm, providing innovative, quality, end-to-end compliance solutions for life science companies.

Uniquely focused solely on the life sciences industry, Polaris delivers innovative, best-in-class solutions for today’s toughest compliance challenges. The firm’s services range from comprehensive technology and software solutions to expert consulting, strategy and planning, as well as end-to-end managed services. Since 2001, the world’s most recognized pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies have relied on Polaris as their trusted life science compliance solutions partner. Learn more at www.polarismanagement.com.

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