Polaris Attends CBI’s 12th Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Conference

By Moises Ulloa

CBI’s 12th annual Pharmaceutical Compliance held in Washington, D.C. was well attended and focused on a number of topics around compliance in the life science industry. These ranged from CMS Open Payments submission to global compliance considerations. Though there were a variety of panels and subjects, a running theme was establishing a “culture of compliance”. During a forum with four US District Attorneys, it was mentioned repeatedly as being the difference in the way infractions are viewed.  A key consideration for the panel was whether improper actions happen because of the culture of a company, or in spite of it. A dedication to compliant operations is a foundation for minimizing risks.

This is not to say that such a culture should only be promoted as helping when negative events occur. Case studies presented by Darren Jones and Steve Vincze demonstrated how approaching compliance in a way that actually helps facilitate business by minimizing risk could promote stakeholder buy-in. Standardizing global compliance processes where possible usually helps cut costs while at the same time ensuring that a company is protecting itself from adverse consequences.

These ideas should also be considered when implementing a compliance program. It is important to consider the big picture of where the company wants its “culture of compliance” to be. Using that as a guiding principal can actually make the entire system implementation process easier and less confusing. It allows for decisions to be made towards a common goal of establishing a vital part of the business.