MedTech Europe Releases “Ethical MedTech”, an Online Portal to Support Ethics and Compliance Initiatives

07.10.17 | By Michael Arbini

Ethical MedTech, a new online portal designed to support ethical and compliance initiatives for the medical technology industries, was unveiled by MedTech Europe, the European trade association recently.

The portal is a step toward the goal of phasing out direct support to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) attending Third Party Organized Educational Events, due to take effect on January 1, 2018. It is one of the core changes introduced by MedTech Europe’s new Code of Ethical Business Practices. The Code substitutes direct support with a system of educational grants that includes solid transparency rules.

Ethical MedTech includes three core areas:

Conference Vetting System (CVS) – A unique initiative that assesses the conformity of third-party educational events with the MedTech Europe Code.

Transparent MedTech – A centralized platform for European MedTech companies to disclose publicly the financial support they provide to independent medical education.

Ethical Charter – A voluntary certification initiative that raises awareness of the industry’s ethical standards among third parties that are organizing events and eventually facilitate the industry’s support to independent medical education.

Polaris fully supports MedTech Europe and its Code of Ethical Business Practices. That is why we created our Global MedTech Solution. Our goal is to assist clients in implementing an end-to-end tool that ensures complete, accurate and efficient capture and reporting of information related to all HCP/O payments or transfers of value without overburdening the organization including:

  • Automating the grant request submission and approval process
  • Automatically generating the pre-notification for Educational Grants to third party events to HCOs to the Conference Vetting System (CVS), using HCP eligible groups
  • Post reporting formatting for grants per transparency reporting

Download the Polaris Global MedTech Solution fact sheet here, or contact us to learn more.