Live Polaris Webinar Announced: FMV and KOL Evaluation Solutions

By Darren Jones

The ability to ensure that payments are consistent with fair market value standards has always been a key compliance priority. A core component is ensuring that physicians are properly tiered. Though it is acceptable to pay higher fees for a higher degree of expertise, manufacturers must have an objective process to evaluate expertise. If not tiered properly, HCPs could be overpaid by 80% or more depending on their country and specialty.

Polaris has developed a proven, consistent methodology grounded in peer judgement of medical expertise. We provide simple, cost-effective solutions to support the process or execute the program as an outsourced business partner.

Learn how Polaris’ exclusive key opinion leader evaluations can make your compliance program more transparent and simple. Please join us for:

FMV and KOL Evaluation Solutions

A Live 60-Minute Webinar

Thursday, June 2

11:00 AM ET

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Topics to be covered in the webinar include how Polaris’ proprietary solution:
• Provides cost-effective control mechanisms to mitigate the overpayment risk
• Makes KOL evaluation and FMV rate assignment easy by automating and reducing burdensome manual tasks
• Minimizes staffing risks and constraints as well as conflicts of interest and/or bias of an internal team scoring CVs
• Ensures consistent application of tiering methodology and overall FMV process
• Allows outsourcing to be seamlessly integrated as part of an HCP engagement workflow

Polaris’ expert consultants will discuss industry best practices, show you how we can prepare you for the busy speaker bureau nomination period and talk about our extensive experience with less common areas such as Managed Markets HCPs.

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