Michael Utell

Partner, Polaris Solutions

Michael Utell is responsible for Polaris Solutions’ global delivery, where he oversees the deployment of compliance technology solutions on behalf of Polaris’ clients. With over thirteen years of consulting experience, Michael brings significant expertise in IT program management, technology strategy, and software delivery to pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations. He has guided the launch of Polaris’ applications across numerous international engagements, and he has the responsibility of developing, maintaining and overseeing the delivery methodology used within the organization. Michael leads the firm’s full implementation lifecycle, ensuring end-to-end quality within Polaris Solutions’ Consulting, Development, Quality Assurance, and Support teams. Michael frequently speaks and presents on best practices in Software as a Service delivery models, international software deployments, and on strategies related to the implementation of global compliance software applications.

Prior to joining Polaris, Michael was an executive in Accenture’s Systems Integration and Technology practice, focused on the design and implementation of digital supply chain and content distribution systems. He also was a contributor for Network Computing Magazine on wireless network technology and infrastructure. Michael received a BS in Information Management and Technology from Syracuse University and an MBA from the Duke University Fuqua School of Business.

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