Marc Eigner

Marc Eigner

Sr. Partner and Co-Founder

Office: +1 646 365 0060

As a co-founder of Polaris Solutions and head of the technology practice, Marc Eigner is considered one of the founding fathers of pharmaceutical commercial-compliance technology and the leading expert this field, particularly in HCP/HCO spend automation and aggregate spend systems. He is a frequent lecturer and author on these topics. Under Marc’s direction, Polaris’ technology practice has grown from a core team to become the largest pharmaceutical compliance-focused technology group in the industry, implementing more than eighty spend management and aggregation systems worldwide. Thanks to his leadership, Polaris continues to innovate, enlarging the scope of its technology practice and introducing a consistent stream of new products while delivering technology strategy expertise in support of Polaris Management Partners’ consulting practice.

Before joining Polaris, Marc worked for Andersen Consulting / Accenture and IBM. Marc holds a BS and MS in Computer & Systems Engineering and an MBA focused on Technology Entrepreneurship, all from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Marc has participated in several executive education programs at the Harvard Business School, including ‘Leading Professional Services Firms.’

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