Benjamin Carmel

Based in our Boston office, Ben is responsible for Transparency Go-To-Market Globally. He helps set direction for our next generation transparency platform and oversees the daily operations of both the Boston and San Francisco offices.

Ben joined Polaris in December 2009, and was one of the first people to enter the firm with existing aggregate spend experience, having worked at Accenture on multiple aggregate spend projects, including implementing a major pharmaceutical company’s system. Ben led the effort to create Polaris’ best-in-class transparency platform and established himself as a global transparency thought leader, as well as an authority on HCP engagements.

Beyond Ben’s instrumental role in the development of our transparency platform, he has never shied away from a challenge, moving his family from the East Coast to San Francisco to help lead and grow an office that now accounts for a significant portion of Polaris’s annual revenue with satisfied clients across our service portfolio.

Ben has also transformed the way Polaris does business across the Life Sciences compliance spectrum, from large global pharmaceutical firms to pre-launch biotech firms. From product and business development to delivery, training and support, Ben continues to help define Polaris’ strategic direction. Ben is PMP® Certified and has over 12 years of consulting and project management experience assisting pharmaceutical and medical device companies with a variety of subject matter and technology services.

Some of Ben’s accomplishments include the development and implementation of US and Global FMV methodologies and tools; the design and implementation of global transparency programs, including policies, SOPs and technologies; and the implementation of comprehensive end-to-end aggregate spend solutions.  Ben is a regular speaker on industry topics.

Ben holds a B.S. degree in Business, Finance and Marketing from the University of Colorado Boulder – Leeds School of Business

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