Andy Bender

Andy Bender

President and Founder

Office: +1 212 502 1875

Andy Bender is Polaris’ founder. As a hands-on executive, Andy has been involved in a wide variety of compliance-related engagements for pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, ranging from policy development and process automation to organizational change. His expertise ranges from the sales and marketing to medical and clinical departments of the client organization. Andy is still involved in many of Polaris’ client assignments, and has personally led many FMV, auditing and monitoring projects, as well as numerous international transparency reporting and HCP/O implementations. He has implemented in excess of fifty Request Management Systems for clients, focused on grants, charitable contributions and IIS requests.

Andy has designed and developed many of the concepts, programs and methodologies that have made Polaris an international leader in the healthcare law compliance business. Polaris employs over eighty consultants and sixty-five technologists, including five healthcare law attorneys. Polaris has offices in Amsterdam, Boston, Hong Kong, New Brunswick, New York, Paris and San Francisco.

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