To Outsource or Not To Outsource, That Is the Question

By Moises Ulloa

With the dynamic landscape of healthcare law compliance, the responsibility associated with meeting industry challenges and regulatory constraints expands. Oftentimes such responsibilities are burdensome; largely a result of the secondary nature in which they become part of an individual’s workload. In an effort to effectively manage compliance programs, companies are shifting their operational strategies and outsourcing certain tasks to experts in the field.

The known benefits of outsourced services are cost-effectiveness, reduction in administrative burden and the increased ability to focus on value-added business functions. However, outsourcing with the right company – a partner, rather than vendor – increases those advantages far and away. The less obvious benefits to partnering with an outsourcing company lie in risk and expertise – both of which are difficult to assign quantitative value, but add soaring qualitative value to an organization.

Risk. By outsourcing, not only does the hiring burden cease, but the risk of retention and turnover is also significantly reduced. With the right experience around training and management of similar projects on a larger scale, outsourcing companies can easily hedge fluctuations in staff, making resourcing changes seamless to a client.

Expertise. Partnering with a company that has proven experience in a wide range of offerings will grant open access to deep subject matter expertise across the board. This is one way to achieve value-added services beyond the business needs of the core project.

Finding a partner with inherent knowledge of the Life Sciences space and the ability to scale quickly is key to outsourcing business tasks. Building and managing an effective compliance program is not easy and can be very costly – draining time and financial resources from other areas critical to bringing products to market. Outsourcing with the right partner, one who is capable of managing the processes necessary to streamline and sustain compliant business operations will help life sciences companies be accountable – to patients, to the medical community, to shareholders and to regulators.

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