HCP & HCO Master Data Management (MDM)

Health Care Professional (HCP) and Health Care Organization (HCO) data management has become a major challenge for many Life Sciences companies.

Collecting, updating and aggregating data from numerous internal and external sources like CRM applications, 3rd party data sources, internal lists and other sources confronts organizations both large and small.

Having effective tools to create a single, authoritative view of your HCP and HCO data to support HCP and HCO interactions as well as global transparency reporting requirements is a fundamental need in increasingly complex, global environments.

Polaris’ Master Data Management (MDM) solution provides a set of integrated capabilities for Life Sciences companies to collect data from multiple sources, harmonize to a single, golden record along with the capabilities to manage the data and report on all interactions. The MDM solution can be an integral part of Polaris’ Global Compliance Platform or deployed as a standalone solution within your infrastructure.


  • Provides the ability to match records from multiple sources and merge to a single, golden record in the Polaris Global Customer Master
  • Ability to assign ‘Trust Factors’ to prioritize data accuracy from one source over another
  • Ability to create an update data locally in the Polaris Global Customer Master
  • Fully integrates with all Polaris’ downstream transactional modules, including our Healthcare Provider Interaction Portal (HIP), Spend, Track, Analytics and Reporting (STAR), Request Management System (RMS) and Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS), as well as many third-party systems
  • Core processing includes staging, matching rules, golden record creation and customer maintenance and history

Example Matching Rules:

Rule 1: Source System ID
Rule 2: Identifier Type (ex. NPI, State License, RPPS, etc.) and Identifier Value

HCP Only
Rule 3: First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1, Postal Code, Country

HCO Only
Rule 3: Full Name, Address Line 1, Postal Code, Country

To learn more about how Polaris’ Master Data Management (MDM) tool can capture, manage and maximize the value of all your data, contact a Polaris expert today.