France Opens French Sunshine Online Portal to General Public


 French Sunshine Online
Late last month, the French Health Ministry opened access to the French Sunshine database (entitled theBase des Données Publique Transparence) to the general public. The database contains records of all benefits, valued at over 10 Euros, paid by life sciences companies to a wide spectrum of French HCPs and HCOs, since January 1, 2012. Information regarding agreements with those HCPs and HCOs during that time period is also accessible on the website.

The site is a result of years of development. The French Sunshine Law, also known as the Bertrand Act, requires manufacturers whop any type of presence in France to track benefits paid to and agreements made with French HCPs and HCOs since 2012. However, until now, those records were only accessible on company websites and on websites of HCP professional organization. The French Health Ministry has since followed the US and Dutch model by creating a central portal wherein all payments, by all manufacturers, to all HCPs and HCOs, can be easily viewed by the public, therefore creating the most impact.

The website is accessible at Benefits and agreements can be searched for by HCP and HCO recipient, or by manufacturer. The advanced search function also allows users to search for all payments relating to a certain event/event date, to search for HCPs by region, and to perform a variety of highly filtered searches. Note that the site is only available in French.

As a reminder, please note that, under the French Sunshine Law, fee for service payments do not qualify as “benefits.” Therefore, no fee for service payments should appear in the database. Furthermore, information on agreements will not include any amounts that agreements are worth.

For a detailed breakdown of the requirements of the French Sunshine Law, please see: Polaris_Webinar_CIIC5_French_Sunshine_Act_Overview_5Jun13