Webinar: Focus Arrangements Benchmarking Management

August 30, 2016

Fee for service arrangements between manufacturers and customers (e.g. Focus Arrangements) have been garnering a lot of attention lately, particularly from the OIG and CMS. They’re also becoming a critical risk management consideration for any comprehensive compliance program.

Focus Arrangements Benchmarking
A Live 60-Minute Webinar

Tuesday, August 30
1:00 PM ET

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Promotional strategies for biotech and specialty-product manufacturers have substantially shifted from the primary care arena, resulting in an increased emphasis on delivering targeted messages to specific audiences. Identifying the audience and delivering those messages often necessitates partnering with a “customer”, in this instance an individual or organization that prescribes or influences the use of said product. These fee-for-service arrangements are considered Focus Arrangements.

Earlier this year, CMS issued the Covered Outpatient Drugs final rule outlining changes to the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program including a focus on service fees paid to customers. The rule outlines a strict set of mandates necessary to exclude fees from government pricing calcuations.

Polaris has created an innovative Focus Arrangement Benchmarking platform that can serve as a centralized tracking system for managing Focus Arrangements. It provides several functionalities. Here are just a few:

  • Creates, tracks and approves contract requests, including managing approved FMV (fair market value) ranges
  • Delivers enhanced visibility to the valuation of engagements by applying standardizing benchmarks which can be used to objectively assess fees across common service categories
  • Allows companies to effectively evaluate these or similar arrangements to ensure that market forces are being leveraged to ensure FMV

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