Live Polaris Webinar: Third Party Due Diligence Solutions

December 07, 2016

Life Sciences companies continue to work with an increasing number of third parties, such as HCPs, HCOs, and myriad other vendors including sales and distribution companies.

The behavior of these third parties can present risks and legal challenges that could have an impact on your company’s reputation.

Polaris’ consulting group has helped clients strengthen their anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance programs in part by developing vendor risk assessment methodologies, developing and executing risk appropriate due diligence protocols and developing recommended action steps to mitigate risk.

Polaris’ Third Party Due Diligence Portal allows organizations to manage third party relationships and mitigate associated risks. Our portal provides an integrated platform where you have the ability to complete thorough evaluations and screening activities for all external parties you do business with.

Learn more by joining us for:

Managing Third Party Interactions and Risks

A Live 60-Minute Webinar and Portal Demonstration

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 10:00 am ET

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