CMS Announces Reporting Format Changes Ahead of Phase 2 Submissions

By Andy Bender

As you gear up for Phase 2 reporting, CMS has just announced some important, but minor, report format changes for submitting aggregate spend data.  The additional amendments and changes by and large pertain to field size-related issues in the report template.

Updated guidance documents for these changes include a Submission Data Mapping Document, an XML Schema Definition Document and CSV and XML Sample Files and these have been posted to  the Data Submission and Attestation page on the CMS Open Payments website.

A more detailed explanation of the changes can be found in the April/May 2014 Data Submission Document Changes Summary on the CMS website, but Polaris has created an easy-to-follow table to break down the changes per recipient entity for general, research and physician ownership category payments.  As an additional note, for research payments, format changes for Physician License State and License Number apply to all PIs.

Polaris will provide further updates and perspectives as the registration and submission process continues. For related thought leadership from Polaris please click here.

For further clarification or additional details on the CMS updates or to discuss specifically the impact of these CMS updates for your company, please contact Ben Carmel or Dakota Gallivan or email us at Polaris Aggregate Spend.