EFPIA: All Roads Lead to Consent

By Veronique Monjardet
The European Pharmaceutical Industry Association (EFPIA) has preempted government sunshine regulations in Europe by providing a holistic approach to disclosing transfers of value between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and organizations (HCOs) Read more

Compliance in China – “Donations”

By John Thorpe
New regulatory developments and a wave of anti-corruption prosecutions are beginning to lift the veil of ambiguity that has complicated foreign investment in China for LSCs.  Without clear guidelines governing Read more

To Outsource or Not To Outsource, That Is the Question

By Jodi Cianciotto
With the dynamic landscape of healthcare law compliance, the responsibility associated with meeting industry challenges and regulatory constraints expands. Oftentimes such responsibilities are burdensome; largely a result of the secondary Read more

Compliance at the Cross-Border Crossroads

By Jaycee Brock
Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine recently published an article about domestic and global compliance challenges for the life sciences industry entitled “Compliance at the Cross-Border Crossroads”. Several key industry leaders were quoted Read more